The Three Stages of AI To Understand Text

by | Jun 26, 2024 | IT Services | 0 comments

Although there are many different uses and ways to text mine using AI, there’s a general process to how AI uses text. Here are the three stages used by AI to understand text.

Step One: Data Gathering

The first step is always crucial. AI must first gather the text it needs to understand. This process is usually automated. Data is extracted from internal sources such as emails, invoices, chats, and employee surveys. Data can also be extracted from external sources such as social media posts, online reviews, forums, and news articles.

Step Two: Data Preparation

Data then needs to be prepared for analysis. This step means implementing the necessary algorithms to format the data for analysis. Methods such as tokenization, parsing, and stopwords will help the AI automatically process the given data.

Step Three: Text Analysis

The final step in AI to understand text is to analyze it. How the AI analyzes the text is determined by what it has been asked to do. For instance, AI can be used to sort records for business or sort through new industry articles to pick out the most relevant information. It can also be used as an AI sentiment analysis tool to text-mine social media comments and determine the general feeling consumers have toward your brand. AI is a powerful tool with endless possibilities that can be used to automate tasks or sort through large amounts of information. How you use it will depend on the needs of your business.

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