Three-Bedroom Luxury Apartments in Downtown Indianapolis: Everything You Need to Know

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Living in a luxury apartment is becoming more popular as a result of Indianapolis, Indiana, experiencing explosive expansion. There are a ton of luxurious three-bedroom apartments in downtown Indianapolis, giving potential tenants a wide range of possibilities. You’ll discover important information, figures, and specifics concerning three-bedroom luxury apartments close to downtown Indianapolis in this post.

The Advantages of Relocating to a Three-Bedroom Luxury Apartment Close to Downtown Indianapolis

The advantages of residing in a three-bedroom luxury apartment close to downtown Indianapolis are numerous and standout. Real estate experts claim that the rentals for three-bedroom apartments in downtown Indianapolis are among of the lowest in the region. You may receive more for your money in addition to having more room and facilities than you would in a smaller property.

Some of the greatest tourist attractions in the city are located in the downtown area. You may stroll the Indianapolis Cultural Trail to learn more about the city’s history. Numerous top-notch dining establishments and entertainment options may be found in downtown Indianapolis. It is simple to take advantage of all the city has to offer while residing in a three-bedroom apartment close to downtown Indianapolis.

Information About Upscale Residences Close to Downtown Indianapolis

New rental data from Indianapolis shows that more than a quarter of local rental homes and apartments are three bedrooms in size. Of these three-bedroom homes and apartments, 29.9% are luxury units located near the downtown area. The remaining 70.1% are more affordable options such as mid-tier units or budget accommodation.2 The cost of rent for a three-bedroom in downtown Indianapolis increased by 0.7% from 2019 to 2020.

The average monthly rent for a luxurious three-bedroom apartment close to downtown Indianapolis is $1,932, and this figure includes both furnished and unfurnished apartments. The additional value you receive from a luxury three-bedroom apartment may be shown in the fact that the typical rent for non-luxury one-bedroom homes is just $1,160.4

Fort Ben’s The Otis: A Closer Look

One of the top three-bedroom luxury apartments close to downtown Indianapolis is The Otis at Fort Ben. This breathtaking building offers a variety of opulent one, two, and three-bedroom apartments and is situated on Fort Benjamin Harrison State Park. A private yoga studio, a magnificent two-story lobby with cozy fireplaces, and a cutting-edge business center are just a few of The Otis’ amenities.

You may also benefit from the neighborhood park by renting this rental property. You may unwind on lush, rolling meadows, go biking on the paths, or go paddling in the setting sun. The Otis at Fort Ben is one of the most sought-after three-bedroom luxury apartments close to downtown Indianapolis, which is understandable.

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